We have specially selected the following real life stories from believers who shared with us their personal struggles in seemingly hopeless situations in their lives. In these stories, you'll see how our Lord Jesus was right there with them in their darkest hour and was faithful to deliver them and restore to them much more than they had lost!

We pray that faith arises in your heart as you read these praise reports and that you’ll be encouraged in the truth that there’s nowhere you can go where you’re not covered by God’s mercy and grace. The Lord is with you, especially in your night seasons, and He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Don’t lose hope, child of God! If you’re going through a dark time in your life, know that you will not remain in it for long.

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I am writing to say thank you to Pastor Prince for pointing me to Jesus. His extraordinary way of preaching the gospel of grace has transformed and set me free.I was born into a cult commune in 1968. Even though I was taught that Jesus is my Savior, I’d spent many years under the works of the law. I always tried to be good but always felt that there was one thing I lacked.

I battled with depression constantly even as a young child—it was a chronic and powerful stronghold that kept me captive. Many hours and money spent on professional counseling, medical doctors, alternative doctors, supplements, and medication all did not help me.
In the summer of 2012, my six-year-old happened to leave the television on when she left the room. I headed over to turn it off and that was when I heard Pastor Prince being interviewed. His words grabbed my heart like nothing I had ever experienced before. I thought to myself, “He knows my Jesus!

Immediately, I grabbed the remote control and recorded the interview. I watched it over and over, pausing it often to take notes. Oh, the joy when I learned he had a book and a television show! I began reading Destined To Reign and fell completely in love with Jesus and my Bible. I spent many hours reading, watching, and taking down notes daily.

When I first heard Pastor Prince sing the words of Psalm 34 in January 2013, it immediately became my theme song. I sang it day and night, whenever I was troubled and gripped with fear. Sometimes, I could barely choke out the words, but I kept singing the psalm and it never failed to bring comfort.

I was privileged to attend Pastor Prince’s sermon in Dallas, Texas, in 2013. It was incredible to be there worshipping our Lord Jesus with so many believers. My joy knew no bounds in Dallas when I realized we were going to sing Psalm 34 with Pastor Prince himself. As I was singing, I thought about how much Jesus loved me and how even among the thousands of people, He could see me.

When Pastor Prince said that some people would be set free from chronic conditions, I believed it was for me.

I didn’t feel any immediate change in my body, just a deeper faith to trust God that my breakthrough would come.

In March 2014, I suffered another round of depression marked by overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and despair. It was extremely discouraging as I had been focused on Jesus and the gospel of grace for nearly two years—spending time in scripture and confessing them over my life, partaking of the Holy Communion daily, praying and singing in tongues, declaring away self-righteousness in me, and doing my best to rest in Him.

I kept wondering what I was missing to break free from depression. One day as I was driving, I asked God to deliver me from being a whipping post. I even let out a big yell to let the devil know that I was done letting him steal my peace!

I felt a new fire in me that I can’t really explain, but

I felt like I came to a whole new level of not just knowing, but truly believing, that my heavenly Papa wanted me free from depression. I boldly rejected depression in Jesus’ name, declaring His victory for me at the cross. I immediately felt the depression start to dissipate and by evening, I was feeling much better.

I also talked to my heavenly Papa about the evil day that I felt had lasted way too long, and boldly declared my desire to see the good days as His Word has promised.

A couple of days later, on March 13, my sister excitedly called to tell me that she had seen me on the Destined To Reign program that morning, which had featured the Dallas service. She said the camera had zoomed in to my face while Pastor Prince was leading worship with the words of David from Psalm 34. When I heard that, I was flooded with Jesus’ overwhelming presence of great joy, peace, and love as I felt Him telling me that, yes, He had seen and heard me among thousands of people that evening and that my breakthrough had come! I shed many, many tears of joy.

I am writing because I feel such an urge to spread hope to others with chronic strongholds. I would say to them that no matter how long it takes, no matter how hopeless you feel, keep believing, stay focused on Jesus and His victory at the cross, and never give up. I believe the devil tries to hit the hardest when you’re closest to your victory, so hang in there! God’s grace will do for you what you can never do for yourself.

Keep confessing the righteousness you have as a gift and believe you are loved no matter how you feel. Depression is not from God!

Trials and emotions still come on some days, but I have confidence inside that I am not alone and they will pass as I keep praising Him and professing His Word. This way, I don’t fall hopelessly into depression anymore.

Thank you so much, Pastor Prince and your team, for sharing your passion for Jesus! I love you all!

Arkansas, United States
Over a year ago, I was going through a difficult season and was beyond discouraged. My family and I had been wanting to move for some time, but we were struggling financially and I was out of a job. On top of that, we were suffering from various medical conditions.

I would often take down a picture of the Lord Jesus from my wall and touch it and cry. I thought about how I had been a Christian for so long but was still living such a defeated life. Even though I knew I had full access to the Lord as a believer, I felt so alone and disconnected from Him. Something was missing and I didn’t know how to find it.
My family stopped attending church and had little fellowship with other believers. The teachings we had received confused us more than helped us. The last time we heard a sermon, we were taught that Jesus would punish and forsake us if we continued to sin. I began to believe I was in some serious trouble as I was imperfect in so many ways. It didn’t help that I grew up with an abusive father and the thought of my heavenly Father being like him terrified and devastated me.

Because of the wrong believing, I was constantly going back and forth trying to figure out who the Lord was. Could He have left our family to fend for ourselves since we were unable to live up to His standards?

Despite the internal torment I was going through, I still felt deep within my heart that Jesus loves me and would never forsake me.

One day, I cried out to the Lord for help. Sometime later, I found Pastor Prince’s television broadcast while channel surfing. The Lord told me to be still and to find His blessings by listening to Pastor Prince’s teachings.

As I had been led down a road of law and self-condemnation for a long time, I was shocked to hear about God’s blessings for His children through Pastor Prince’s broadcast. Nevertheless, I could feel the chains in my life break off one by one with each truth that he shared.

Pastor Prince also gave an illustration about a young eagle that thought of itself as a chicken. But when it realized its true identity, it took wings and soared into the sky, instead of remaining low on the ground with other chickens. I felt like that liberated eagle when I learned about my true identity in Christ.

I also began to declare, “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!” in every situation, and shared this truth with my husband and son. Living under grace has allowed us to soar in life and opened a floodgate of God’s blessings.

For example, a casual conversation led to the sale of our home and that helped to pay off a huge bill.

Through another divine appointment, we connected with relatives who welcomed us to live with them as we got our new home ready. I also found a job without applying for one and my husband was offered freelance work without seeking it. Not only that, we are healthier and stronger than we have ever been, and have even found a grace-filled church.

Today, I am joyful and happy knowing it is my Father’s good pleasure to give me the abundant life that He has purchased for me at the cross. He has removed the scales from my eyes and I no longer wonder about His heart of love and goodness toward me.

I have gotten hold of Pastor Prince’s books, Destined To Reign, The Power of Right Believing, and Unmerited Favor. I have just finished reading the first one and have been blown away learning about God’s mercy, grace, and love for me. It feels great! And it feels awesome to be a child of the King of kings!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your ministry of grace and truth.

Laurie Oakes
Kentucky, United States
We had always wanted a child from the first year of our marriage back in 2011. However, despite our best efforts, we never managed to conceive. It was not until our second year of marriage that we started consulting doctors to understand the complexity of the issues that both my wife and I were facing.

In December 2013, I came across a series of sermons on Bible meditation preached by Pastor Joseph Prince. In the sermons, Pastor Prince touched on the necessity of meditating on Bible verses and how this lets the Word take root and produce fruit in us.
I started to chew on Bible verses to draw nourishment, in the expectation that the Word would bear fruit in me. Expecting to see God’s healing and restoration in the area of having children,

I meditated on Psalm 1:3 day and night, as I drove to and from work, while I worked, and during lunch. I kept munching on these words and started to realize that it was never about my efforts to bear children.

Children are a gift from our Abba Father.

From then on, the responsibility of conceiving was no longer on me or my efforts, but on His grace. I knew that I would bear fruit and prosper in whatever I did, just like the verse promised. The Word indeed became life in me.

In February 2014, while I was in a conversation with Father God, He gave me a vision. I saw that I would have my hands full by the month of November and I had full conviction that this had everything to do with us conceiving a baby.

In March 2014, our doctors confirmed that my wife had conceived and this brought great joy to us. And as the pregnancy progressed, it was revealed to us that my wife was carrying triplets! Our father is truly a fantastic God! When I was young, I had dreamed about how nice it would be to have twins, and now, even that wish has been exceeded. The pregnancy itself was a miracle.

I was initially warned that having triplets would be dangerous for both my wife and our babies. But we refused to be discouraged because I knew that children were a gift from God, and I submitted completely to His grace. In the end, my wife carried our babies to full-term and delivered three healthy children weighing 1.8kg, 1.9kg, and 2kg.

All praise and glory to God. My sincere thanks to Joseph Prince. His ministry continues to be pivotal in our lives!

For fifteen years, I was dealing with different addictions. First, I was addicted to cough syrup and pills and later to marijuana and cigarettes.

I tried to break my addictions to marijuana and cigarettes using willpower, but would end up in a worse state than before.

I also tried going into rehabilitation for three months, only to relapse again. When I took prescription pills to fight my dependence on nicotine, I ended up sick in hospital. It was very frustrating.
Being the eldest in my family, I felt I had so many responsibilities and standards to live up to. I found myself running away from them and always felt very insecure and empty inside. I would further indulge in my addictions to fill the void within. I felt I had reached a point where I just couldn’t see a future for myself.

I even contemplated suicide but could not bring myself to do it, as I believed it would put me in hell.When my younger sister got married, I realized I needed to change and turn my life around. I visited her on the day our pastor was scheduled to counsel her family. I shared my frustrations with the pastor and he gave me Pastor Prince’s book, Destined To Reign. He asked me to get in touch with him after reading it.

The book opened my eyes to the truth of Jesus and His wonderful grace.

I learned how Jesus had already saved me when He shed His blood at the cross. These truths lifted my spirit and changed my perspective on life.

I contacted my pastor after reading the book and was invited to a Bible study. My eyes were further opened to the gospel and I felt my faith strengthen. I was also baptized in the Holy Spirit during one of the sessions and began speaking in tongues! What a wonderful blessing!

On Good Friday, a preacher from a neighboring state came to my church and asked if anyone wanted healing. I raised my hand along with the congregation and he prayed for us. He also encouraged us to receive our healing by faith.

When I returned home that day, I smoked a few cigarettes. But the very next day, I chose to believe I had already received my healing. So I decided not to smoke anymore and “see how it goes.” By the grace of God, I have not smoked a single cigarette or marijuana since, and have remained clean for almost a year now.

Indeed, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil. 4:13).

It’s not my effort or willpower, but the Lord’s grace that helped me overcome my addictions.

My relationship with the Lord has also become so much deeper and more meaningful as I’m reminded of His love and blessings every day. Praise the Lord!

Imlisanen Aier
I had eczema for close to twenty years. It’s a hereditary condition—my mother had it when she was a child and my siblings have it too.As a child, I had small patches of eczema. I grew out of it during my teens but it returned with a vengeance in early 1996, making my skin itchy, dry, and flaky.

Without steroids, my joint areas suffered persistent cracks. These cracks often led to open wounds and infections, causing my body to be flushed with redness and my limbs to swell. The areas around my joints also tightened from the swelling and any bending would cause excruciating pain.
During these times, I would walk around like a robot, trying not to bend my joints. There were also a few times I had to be hospitalized when the infection was severe.

My skin also lost its basic ability to preserve body heat. I would feel cold and even shiver near fans on sunny afternoons so I had to wear a jacket wherever I went. In air-conditioned surroundings, my skin would become very dry and painful. Even after applying moisturizers and oil excessively, my skin would still feel dry very quickly.

I consulted many doctors, dermatologists, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, and even spiritual mediums. I also took different types of medications, tried all sorts of treatments and therapies, but nothing helped.

Having exhausted all means, I went to New Creation Church (in Singapore) with my family in July 2014.

Initially, I was very skeptical to learn that all my sins had been paid for by Jesus’ finished work at the cross. It was counterintuitive and unbelievably simple. Nonetheless, I continued to go to church to find out more.

I also listened to Pastor Prince’s sermons to and from work. I used the anointing oil to moisturize my skin and partook of the Holy Communion.

I noticed my breakthrough came after receiving the Communion regularly! Bit by bit, my condition got better. The intense pain that used to greet me every morning lessened gradually and eventually, I felt no more pain.

After the pain left, I no longer needed a jacket to keep warm or protect my skin from dryness. My skin also no longer feels dry or dead! Friends and colleagues have noticed the drastic improvement in my skin and have even asked about my secret to recovery. All glory to JESUS! Thank you, Pastor Prince, for revealing God’s love and willingness to heal me.


*Name has been changed to protect writer's privacy.
My husband and I have been married for almost ten years. Two years ago, we were under crippling financial pressure from debts that nearly destroyed our marriage and lives. In fact, it caused me to have a medically certified nervous breakdown.

We were trying to service a home loan, student loans, school fees, car payments, and living expenses on one wage. My husband was a full-time student, my daughter was in school, and I was the only one who worked full-time. By the time I paid out our weekly bills, we would only have about $30 left.
We were hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt with only a minimum wage income to fight the creditors. It was like standing in a hurricane, with only a rain hat to stay dry. In the natural, it was hopeless.

There were days we couldn’t even send our daughter to school because we had no food for her lunch box. Every day, we lived in despair and emotional trauma. We dreaded each day because it was full of defeat. We tried every formula we knew—fasting, prayer meetings, serving, anything and everything. Although I had known God for over thirty years, deep in my heart, I was angry at Him for not rescuing us.

I cried to God one day, saying that I could not get a promotion in my workplace and that I had no business skills. My husband was also calling out to the Lord about our situation as he was a full-time student and was unable to work at this time. But we always paid our tithes throughout it all.

Then, we were introduced to your television broadcast by some friends. We listened and listened for months before we felt enough courage to trust God again. We believed you when you said that God loved us through everything and in every way. We believed you when you told us how to see Jesus in the Bible. We believed you when you taught us how to apply the finished work of the cross into our lives.

We went to God and pressed in on Him for a revelation in our hearts and spirits. We recorded your programs on television and watched them over and over. Slowly, we noticed that we were thinking differently, believing differently, acting differently, treating people and ourselves differently, and getting different results.

We kept seeing Jesus in everything. We kept experiencing God’s demonstrations of His love toward us, in our emotions, in our hearts, in our dreams, and in every area of our lives. GOD LOVES US. We spent every spare moment listening to the revelations that you shared on television, and then we took the scriptures and believed them with a great expectation of God’s love for us.

We spent less time convincing God that we loved Him and spent more time telling our spirits that God unconditionally loves us. We began making decisions out of God’s approval for us, instead of making decisions out of our fear of Him if we got it wrong. How our lives have turned around!

Today, we are completely debt-free. We have no mortgage. We fully own our home. We fully own our car, motorbike, and truck. We don’t owe any school fees. We totally own everything and have been blessed, so we can be a blessing to others.

We have been given the opportunity to bless people, to feed people, to pay other children’s school fees. God totally and completely turned our lives around!

Little by little, we opened our hearts back up and soon grabbed, with all our might, the revelation that our Father God loves us. We had been blaming God all this time, when all He wanted to do was set us free and show us His greatness.

I am still not a businesswoman, our daughter is still in school, and my husband still studies. Technically, everything is still the same. The difference is that now, everything we touch, and do, and say is from a revelation of His LOVE for us.

We thank God for you, Pastor Prince, and your ministry, for the time you invest into God’s people. Thank you for the emails we receive each day and for your program on television. Our spirits, our emotions, and our minds were restored when we listened to God’s message of love through your ministry. God bless you!


*Name has been changed to protect writer's privacy.
Dear Pastor Prince, I hardly know how to speak of all that God has done for me since I began listening to your programs, CDs, DVDs, and reading your books a little over a year ago.

In 2012 and at 59 years of age, I was recovering from multiple fractures in my right ankle and fibula. It required surgery that placed a metal plate and numerous screws in my bones.
In the first month, my mobility was severely limited due to the severity of the fractures and my weakened physical condition. During that time, I was oppressed and tormented by strong feelings of fear of abandonment and rejection.

I was also afraid of being unable to take care of myself. I experienced panic attacks almost every day. It was a very difficult time for my husband and me as we journeyed through this season of stress.

I was plagued by nightmares and became unable to sleep—due in part to pain medication, but also to the extreme stress and anxiety that I was experiencing. Some nights, all I could do was read the Bible until I was exhausted and finally able to sleep. We were greatly disappointed that we received very little help from our families and church, but continued to believe God to provide for all our needs—physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Before my accident, I rarely watched television during the day. But during my recovery, I found the need to watch Christian programs. One day, I was changing the channel and came to your program, Destined To Reign. After that day, I was “hooked.” Every day and evening, I watched your program, soaking up the words of life that you were speaking to my soul.

I soon ordered your book, Destined To Reign. For the first time in my life, I heard that it was not the Holy Spirit convicting me of sin, but my conscience.

As I read through your book, it was like water to my soul. I read it through three times, each time getting more and more freedom and peace.

There is much more that I could share about the journey, but more importantly, I want to share where I am today. At the age of 60, I am healthier, happier, and freer than I have ever been in my life.

I am physically able to do more than I could do before my accident. It may not seem like much to some people, but I am able to clean my own home without assistance, carry groceries instead of using a cart, and be more socially active than I have in over 20 years.

In addition, I was delivered from the stronghold of the fear of abandonment, neglect and rejection that had oppressed me for most of my life. I was able to forgive those who physically, emotionally and sexually abused me, and repent of my disrespect, self-hatred, bitterness and resentment.

Today, I am confident that my heavenly “Papa” loves me, not because of anything I have or have not done, but because of what Jesus did for me.

I am continuing to learn that I am completely accepted in His Beloved Son, Jesus, and share this good news with others who will listen.

My husband and I are evangelists in a disadvantaged community in Baltimore, Maryland, US. We are seeing God enlarge our ministry as a result of our emotional and spiritual healing, and we are believing Him to use us to share the gospel of grace to even more of His children.

Pastor Prince, I have not enough words to thank you for your love, your ministry, and your faithfulness to share God’s love with His children. When I speak about you to others, the first thing I say about you is, “He loves Jesus more than anyone I know.” It is your love for Jesus that drew me to your ministry and continues to draw me. Your love for Jesus has opened the door for me to learn that He is altogether lovely, trustworthy, and gracious. Each day I spend loving Him and being loved by Him, I am better able to bless and serve others. Thank you.

We love you and pray that God will continue to bless and protect you and your family. May you continue to bring the light of the gospel of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to His bride—the church.

Patricia Smeak
Maryland, US
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